Brumaba Operating Table GENIUS EYE

Brumaba Operating Table GENIUS EYE

Specially developed for ophthalmology for shorter operations and their surgical procedures. High-quality materials, stainless steel for load-bearing elements and low-maintenance BRUMABA technology enable an excellent price-performance ratio. Its proverbial mobility allows economic working through a fast and optimal OR rotation.

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Product Description

Equipment Features

  • Telescopic column GENIUS EYE from 585 to 865 mm
  • Dual telescopic column GENIUS EYE from 515 to 945 (optional)
  • Integrated arm rests
  • Telescopic head section with horseshoe-shaped headrest
  • Hand remote control
  • Memory function with 8 programs
  • Back section extension for length adjustment

Technical Data

  • Total length 1,795 mm – 1,983 mm
  • Total width 767 mm
  • Own weight DTA: 160 kg, DTN: 140 kg
  • Max. load of the table 250 kg
  • Height without padding 515 – 945 mm, + 55 mm viscoelastic padding