Rocket Seldinger drainage 12FG with Guard and fixation set

Rocket Seldinger drainage 12FG with Guard and fixation set

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Product Description

Rocket 12Fg Seldinger Chest Drainage Kit – with safety guard and fixation set combines the benefits of small bore catheterisation with the ease and reliability of the Seldinger approach whether under direct vision, x-ray screening or ultrasound guidance. The set contains a new shorter 10cm dilators, a safety improvement made on the advice of the British Thoracic Society.

Small bore catheters have been shown to be as effective as larger drains without the disadvantage of patient discomfort 1,2

The Rocket Seldinger Chest Drainage Kit is for percutaneous insertion of a chest tube for pleural drainage of fluid and air and is particularly suitable for:

  • Pneumothorax, spontaneous or iatrogenic
  • Effusions, benign or malignant, except those with high protein content.
  • Low viscosity empyema.

In response to concerns and advice from British Thoracic Society members, the Rocket Seldinger Chest Drainage Set now contains shorter (10cm) dilators.

To enhance safety further, Rocket have developed a new set with removable Safety Guards to prevent the over-insertion risk associated with the common 20cm dilator.

Our latest Rocket Seldinger Ward Procedure Tray is a complete procedure pack for ward insertion including drapes and a gown in response to the BTS reply to the NPSA report NPSA/2008/RRR3

Kit contents:
Skin knife, echogenic type insertion needle, guidewire, 10cm dilators with Safety Guards, 30cm catheter with radiopaque stripe and tip, syringe, stopcock, fir-tree & wide-bore luer connectors, ward procedure pack includes drapes, swabs, sponges, 10ml syringes, gallipot, drain fixation device.