Topcon ACP-8

Topcon ACP-8

  • Wide projection size (330 x 270)
  • Variable focus lens
  • Programmable wireless remote
  • Fully programmable chart selections
  • Fastest chart rotation on the market
  • Completly interfaced with CV-5000
  • 30 AO compatible test charts including ETDRS
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Product Description

The Topcon ACP-8 Automatic Chart Projector offers superb image projection and fast chart rotation via a newly designed remote controller. It features 30 random access charts with multiple 20/20 and 20/15 lines, which are ideal for LASIK centers and for post-surgical determination of precise visual acuity.

New and improved features include AO compatible Snellen charts including ETDRS, the fastest chart rotation on the market today (0.03 seconds per frame), and completely programmable chart selections.

The ACP-8 provides single character masking, and 3 x 5 character charts with a wide projection size (330 x 270) for fast and efficient testing. It also includes easy focusing setup, a variable focus lens, and standard 20/20 childrens slides.

The ACP-8 can be connected to the Topcon CV-3000/5000 Vision Tester. This combination allows the operator to quickly and easily access all functions for general visual examination.