Topcon IS-600III

Topcon IS-600III

  • Small footprint
  • Electric elevation of table top
  • Table top electro-brake
  • Dimming of room light
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • LED reading light
    Integrated cable management system
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Product Description

The Topcon IS-600III, instrument stand, has been developed as a refraction unit without compromise. The IS-600III is a comfortable and stable workstation to accommodate two instruments which can be adapted to various kinds of examination rooms.

IS-600III, instrument stand

The IS-600III is available in right, left or wheelchair version. These instrument stand versions are available with a fixed table top or electrical elevation of the table top. The IS-600III can be completed with several optional accessories such as:

– Three different phoropter arms
– OC-6 footrest
– Extra drawers
– Table top electro brake
– LED reading light.

The integrated control panel allows the user to easily control the elevation of the chair, the room illumination light and installed instruments.

IS-600III fixed column

The IS-600III with fixed column to the elevated table top in combination with the automated linear phoropter arm VT-72/74, ensures that the same eye level of instruments and phoropter will be maintained. With adjusting the height of the table top to the eye level of the patient, the phoropter is automatically adjusted to the same eye level resulting in a quick workflow.

Available colours

IS-600III is available in two different colours:

– Off white
– Light blue

The ophthalmic patient chair is available in four colours:

– Blue
– Black
– Red
– Grey

Standard accessories

– Trial lens drawer & control panel
– Room illumination (dimmable)
– Projector support (not for fixed column model)
– Saftey stop, for patient safety when operating table top or chair
– Cable management in table top

Optional accessories

– Power supply drawer (for CV-5000Pro vision tester)
– Adjustable LED near vision lamp
– Table top potentiometer
– Control satelite support
– Electronic table top brake