iCare IC200 Tonometer

iCare IC200 Tonometer

iCare IC200 Tonometer – introducing a new era in clinical tonometry


Key features


  • 200-degree position freedom
  • Suitable for all patients
  • Improved reliability and accuracy
  • Improved probe control
  • Multiple language user interface
  • Wireless connection to iCare EXPORT
  • Wireless printing
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Product Description

iCare IC200 Tonometer with 200 degrees positional freedom


iCare IC200 is the most versatile tonometer in iCare’s product portfolio.This flagship device is designed for professional use in the clinic as well as in eye surgery and emergency rooms. With 200 degrees of positional freedom, it can measure intraocular pressure whether the patient is standing, sitting, elevated or in a supine position.

Extensive flexibility in positioning is especially useful in a hospital environment, surgical or emergencies when the patient condition may be critical, and the eye pressure needs to be measured regardless of the patient’s position.