Topcon SL-D701 Slit lamp

Topcon SL-D701 Slit lamp

Available in LED and Halogen Light Source models*
New DC-4 Digital Camera**
– High Resolution
– Smart Capture Function
– Still Image with Auto Exposure Function
– Seamless Integration
Blue Free FilterTM System** for Superior Fluorescent Viewing
Meibomian Gland Observation Capability**
*Factory Option

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Product Description

The new LED illumination source allows observation under a brighter, more homogeneous condition than the conventional halogen bulb source. The short Wavelength of the LED spectrum lets the operator see minute details such as flare in the anterior chamber and vitreous. Color temperature remains uniform when adjusting light intensity insuring consistent viewing results throughout the entire eye’s optical path.

Advantages of LED Illumination

  • Brighter illumination enhances observation of the eye structures
  • LED wavelength characteristics allow for easy
  • visualization of subtle details such as flare and inflammation
  • Consistent color temperature throughout the entire intensity adjustment
  • Substantial reduction in bulb replacement Energy efficient and cost saving

Blue Free FilterTM System

Topcon Blue Free Filter observation can be carried out using the exciter filter for slit lamp and barrier filter for slit lamp. Tear flow details and scars can be clearly viewed with less glare or pooling.

* Images provided by Toru Noda, MD, PhD, Department of Ophthalmology, Tokyo Medical Center

Amber Filter

A warmer, more pleasant tone of the skin and eye structures can be obtained by inserting the amber filter. This color correction filter produces a pleasant coloration that is especially useful in slit lamp imaging.

Meibomian Gland Observation *

Meibomian gland observation can be performed and documented using the optional meibomian gland observation system. Because of the high resolution of the DC-4, fine detail of glandular acinus and subtle changes of meibomian glands can be seen and photographed for a better understanding of its condition.

* With a combination of SL-D701 + DC-4 (Option)+ BG-5(Option)

Smart Capture Function

With a simple push of the joystick trigger the operator can obtain a rapid series of images that are quickly saved for later revision and selection. The Smart Capture function minimizes failed images or blurry pictures, especially in children and non-cooperative patients.